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Hungry Ghosts – Finding The Past In Modern China

“Resolutely prevent not believing in Marx and Lenin and believing in ghosts and spirits.” – The Central Committee of the Communist Party, Opinions on strengthening the Party’s political construction, Xinhua News, February 27th, 2019   Above an ancient kiln, dating back over a thousand years, was the incongruous shape of a smokestack. Below at the... Continue Reading →

The Secret of Reddit Island – Thoughts On Taiwan, Upvotes, And Social Media

The Secret of Reddit Island What does it mean, I wonder, to be ‘Reddit’? Sometimes I use that site, massively popular social media platform and enormous repository of threads, data, images, and disturbing nonsense. Not much. It’s not a bad place to be sometimes I guess, but my brain is addicted to habit – to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on The Road By The Subway Station

There’s a road I know – Dabei Road, it’s called. Cutting through the centre of Shiqiao vertically, it leads from here all the way to bustling Nancun Central Business District, giving way to the highway on Panyu Avenue where four-lane traffic forces its way past the gleaming towers of the banks, shopping malls and apartment... Continue Reading →

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