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The Good Communists – Or, China’s Liberal Reformers Versus History

1: The Li Keqiang Blues When good-hearted Marge Simpson is unwilling to lie to customers to sell real estate, her boss Lionel Hutz gives her the following advice: “There’s the truth,” he says, shaking his head disapprovingly, “and the truth!”, nodding vigorously. Similarly, we might say there are Chinese communists (shaking head disapprovingly) and Chinese... Continue Reading →

Hungry Ghosts – Finding The Past In Modern China

“Resolutely prevent not believing in Marx and Lenin and believing in ghosts and spirits.” – The Central Committee of the Communist Party, Opinions on strengthening the Party’s political construction, Xinhua News, February 27th, 2019   Above an ancient kiln, dating back over a thousand years, was the incongruous shape of a smokestack. Below at the... Continue Reading →

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